Facelift for 2020

After a year and a half, Bark & Meow Pet Supplies finally overhauled the website to include a blog, and this is it. Our very first.

My name is Charles and I became the new owner and took over the store back in June of 2018. Having always been employed and never in retail made the transition to being a pet store business owner a bit of a challenge and a financial risk. But as 2020 is about to start, I feel like I’ve been very lucky as the store is doing quite well.

This website facelift including this blog helps you to get to know us better, and is just a part of our growing success to improve the quality of services we can provide to help make your experience here that much more satisfying.

You will find out about the awesome products we sell, the events we will be involved in, the communities we support and your opportunities to participate. We will share our stories, customer reviews of products and services, advice for our furry friends, and anything that may be of interest to you.

I hope you will return to our blog and become a fan and an important part of our online community.

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