Pet Stores are Essential and staying open

In Ontario pet food and supplies store will remain open during the State of Emergency. We are operating with some minor reduced hours.

Grooming services are still available by appointment only on Mondays and Saturdays as usual. And on these 2 days, we will stay open until 730p or sooner when the last appointment is completed.

Tuesday to Fridays the hours will be 11am to 5pm. Sundays hours are noon to 6pm.

You can call and pay by phone so we can have your essentials ready for pick up.

When inside the store, please stay 6 feet away from me when making your purchases. I have a barrier to help with physical distancing. And for now we are accepting only debit and credit. I will take cash if you don’t have a card to pay with.

Please stay safe. Stay home but if you must step out please stay physically 6 feet apart from other people. Thank you very much.

Physical barrier for physical distancing

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